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At Willowood Ventures, we unlock business growth through a range of strategic services. Our expertly-tailored advertising campaigns drive brand visibility while our top-notch consulting, training, marketing, and recruiting services offer solutions perfectly suited to your business. We also provide comprehensive recruiting to help you build a team of game-changers, and our engaging events stimulate large profit margins. We believe in transforming businesses one partnership at a time, ensuring that success is a shared journey. Your business transformation is our mission.


At Willowood Ventures, we’ve carefully curated an array of services designed to empower your automotive business and elevate it to the next level! We are committed to solving your most comprehensive problems and providing forward-looking solutions tailored to your needs.

About Willowood Ventures: Your
Partners in Automotive Excellence

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Expertly navigating your dealerships landscape, leveraging our top-tier automotive consulting, reinsurance and advertising services, ensuring superior market visibility, profitability, and growth.


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3 day workshop designed around building the industries best finance managers. Transform your career today!

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We offer either daily, weekly , or monthly training for all departments. give your dealership the attention it deserves. We offer consulting, recruiting, and training. Our specialties are BDC, Sales, Management, and Executives. Give us a project, we will give you a solution.

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Give us some of your time, we will help change your world!

“How Can We Help
Shape Your Future?”




The act of contributing to the future generations is indeed a commendable endeavor

"Willowood Ventures revolutionized our sales process. Their training programs are extraordinary and we've seen immediate returns! I was once his salesperson and his training is what led to me finance and now I'm the Senior Sales Manager. I have stuck to those lessons and it's helping my store tremendously. We also use the Facebook Sales Events as well!"

Kimberly MyersSales Manager

"They truly are industry leaders! Dominic’s expertise in car financing has enriched our team's knowledge, giving us an edge over competitors."

John CarterFinance Director

"As a car dealership, we always look for innovative training. Willowood Ventures provided us with world-class instructors who elevated our BDC team's skill set. We told them what we were looking for and the recruiting team found and trained my BDC"

Robert HawkinsDealer Principal

"Partnering with Willowood Ventures was the best decision we made this year! Our PVR have never looked this good! We was also in a pinch and covid got my whole bdc sick. They was able to do a quick offsite bdc for a week to help us through our illness' they are great partners to have."

Mike GrantCOO

"Incredibly professional, highly experienced, and certainly the game-changers in the automotive sector. I use them for direct mail and the Facebook Sale. Willowood, you have my heartfelt endorsement."

Tim SullivanGeneral Manager

"I have been mentored for years by Dominic and I just got the call to be in the finance department. I was passed up for the portion a few times but I kept reinventing myself and staying prepared. I took his advice and training to heart, and I feel blessed to go on this journey. We use their products for VSC and reinsurance and they are tremendous”

Kevin VannSalesperson

"Every dealership could benefit from Dominic’s unique approach to training. His expertise is unprecedented. He personally took me under his wing as a salesman and I now have been put in leadership in a 500 unit store. Without his guidance I wouldn’t have the skill set or most importantly the confidence to make this happen. He has a keen eye for talent and they handle recruiting for the sales and BDC department for me now!"

Mike WhiteGSM

"The Facebook Sale Event is crazy. We had more traffic in 3 day's than I see in a week. We have done this about every other month for over a year and still get great results. "

John ChenFinance Manager

"The automotive industry is intense. Mr. Davis dedication to competent training truly set us apart and gave us a competitive edge. I have used his recruiting services many times through the years and he has always served my dealership well."

Tom NewsomeGM

"Never thought automotive sales was the right career for me. I took this course and stuck with it and sure enough I made my way to finance. I am a fan of many of the products we use the finance training was key to me. I sell the diminished value product on 90% of my finance deals"

Ann ClarkeBusiness Manager