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A Letter From Our Founder

My journey began as an 18-year-old stepping into the realm of the automotive industry, armed with youthful curiosity and a beaming smile. Two decades on, my story has been nothing short of an exciting odyssey. My roots sprouted from Greenwood, South Carolina, where I was born to hardworking parents who instilled in me values of persistence.  The elusive American dream seemed like a far cry, but I took on an initial job hoping it would be a summer retreat, only to find a career path unfolding in front of me.

As it turned out, sales offered a profession where destiny was one’s own puppet to control— a choice too many are deprived of. Swiftly, I ascended the hierarchy from an award-winning, high-income salesman to a finance manager, and by 26, I was managing my first dealership. Along this timeline, I steered several teams towards unseen volume and gross heights under the banner of one simple mantra: “Success is not a compromise.” My self-developed, patented blueprint for comprehensive store turnarounds has stood the test of time, promising success to those who would dare to follow it. With this transformative process, I began recognizing the towering influence of knowledge.

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What surprised me was the thirst for such knowledge among the masses. As per NADA reports, the United States houses about 1.2 million dealership employees. A startling 90% of these, have never undergone professional training, and many would jump at the opportunity to secure the rewarding life my career has graced me with.

Presently, I stand impassioned to return the favor to the underrepresented and undervalued men and women of this industry. The last thing I would want is for the industry to lose another promising talent who wasn’t guided during their initial days. I empathize with the managers and owners toiling for victory but are unsure of the road ahead. My mission now is to bring victory – to bring it today, and to accomplish it hand-in-hand. The aim is not just for me to succeed, but for you to gain an exclusive edge in this industry too. Let’s join hands on this journey to success together!

At present, my commitment lies in imparting my expansive knowledge to others. Strengthened by the steadfast support from my extraordinary wife and business partner, Anita, and our two delightful children, I’ve opted to give back to the industry that has enriched my life greatly. Reflecting on Steven Spielberg’s words, “I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I’m dreaming for a living,” I am reminded of the countless individuals in the automotive world who aspire just like that. They envision narratives told by others; they dream of sustenance and abundance for their families in ways that often seem out of reach. These dreams may seem unattainable, until they are equipped with the right tools. This is where I step in.





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Meet Our Team Of Experts

Driving Excellence Hand In Hand
At Willowood Ventures, we are more than a consultancy; we are a team of dedicated individuals committed to driving excellence in the automotive industry. Our collective expertise spans across sales, finance, management, and innovation, ensuring that every aspect of your journey towards success is guided by experience and innovation.


Anita Scruggs

Anita Scruggs' journey into the world of branding and marketing is a testament to her innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Anita Scruggs' journey into the world of branding and marketing is a testament to her innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to standing out in a crowded marketplace. Her remarkable career trajectory, from a self-taught website creator to a proficient web designer and brand coach, showcases her extraordinary dedication to helping individuals and businesses carve their distinct niche in the competitive world of branding.

Pioneering Individuality
Anita's journey commenced when she realized that conformity was not her forte. Rather than following the beaten path, she embarked on a mission to create websites that were unlike any others in the market. This decision marked the genesis of her illustrious career, where she swiftly evolved into a web designer with an innate ability to craft distinctive brand identities that resonated with authenticity.

The Power of Marketable Brands and Integrity
Throughout her journey, Anita developed a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between marketable brands and unwavering integrity. She recognizes that genuine brand authenticity goes hand in hand with skill mastery, and she has successfully leveraged this synergy to help countless individuals and businesses thrive.

Balancing Career and Home Life
Anita Scruggs is not only a branding maven but also a staunch advocate for achieving a harmonious balance between career success and a fulfilling home life. She embodies the belief that one can make money while preserving the invaluable aspects of family and personal life, a philosophy that has resonated deeply with those she mentors.

Setting High Goals and Advancing Careers
Anita is an advocate for setting audacious goals and her passion for transformation extends beyond branding and marketing. She has forged a powerful partnership with her husband, Dominic, a true pioneer in the auto industry with two decades of invaluable experience.
Dominic's insights and expertise have not only helped numerous companies thrive but have also been instrumental in shaping the careers of countless professionals in the automotive sector. Together, Anita and Dominic form an unstoppable force dedicated to driving success and fulfillment in the auto industry.

As President, she collaborates with the leaders of Willowood to inspire and guide individuals in the auto industry towards advancing their careers, realizing their dreams, and setting new benchmarks of success.
After all, at Willowood Ventures LLC, the belief is clear: "Success is not a compromise."

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Director of Financial Solutions

Jamie Davis

Jamie brings to us a wealth of knowledge to solve any automobile problem. Click the arrow to find out what he offers. Whether it is a event sale, consulting, reinsurance, training

We're proud to introduce Jamie Davis, our Director of Financial Solutions here at Willowood Ventures. With an impressive track-record in the industry, Jamie's expertise is well-acknowledged. His leadership experience spans across various prestigious auto dealerships, coupled with his current role as President at Tier1 Automotive Solutions, underscoring his deep-rooted understanding of the automotive sector.

Jamie's commitment to the auto industry shines through via the hundreds of independent sales promotions he has seamlessly executed. A respected F&I Warranty Provider, as well as the proud owner of DOWC Agency, Jamie’s contribution to the field extends to his consultant role, through which he has partnered with numerous businesses, Ikon Technologies included, for crafting unique strategies to meet dealership retention goals.

Whether you need industry-informed advice on reinsurance, consultation, or technology matters, Jamie Davis is an invaluable asset. We are delighted to have Jamie as part of the Willowood Ventures family.

Carol Stewart
VP of Treasury

Carol Stewart

Find out more about our hardest working team member "Miss Carol"

Carol Stewart, lovingly known as "Miss Carol", manages treasury operations with unparalleled precision at both Willowood Ventures and Leveraging her financial acumen, she seamlessly keeps the fiscal wheels of both corporations smoothly sailing. Besides her remarkable profession, Carol's passions pave the way to a fascinating exploration of muscle cars and botany. Her keen interest in the powerful nuances of muscle cars mirrors her diligent approach towards the ever-evolving financial landscape. Conversely, her affinity for plants reflects her nurturing side, evident in the harmonious financial growth she facilitates. Passionate, committed, and enthusiastic, Carol does more than just balance the books; she is a valued partner who drives the financial wellness of her ventures successfully.
Kendall Scruggs
Project Manager- Trainer

Kendall Scruggs

We warmly welcome Kendall Scruggs to our team as a Sales Trainer and Project Manager. Leveraging more than a decade and a half of sales experience

We warmly welcome Kendall Scruggs to our team as a Sales Trainer and Project Manager. Leveraging more than a decade and a half of sales experience, with over ten years dedicated to the automotive sector, Kendall brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Over the years, he has been recognized for his exceptional sales performance, earning him numerous "Salesman of the Year" awards. In addition, Kendall's consistently high standards of salesmanship have led to him being named a nine-time appointee to Honda's prestigious Gold Council of Sales Leadership.


Transformative Journeys To Excellence

Success stories from our valued clients speak volumes about the impact of Willowood Ventures. From individuals seeking mastery in F&I to dealership owners striving for operational excellence, our clients’ journeys embody the transformative power of our programs.

Discover How We’ve Shaped Success – Read Our Client Testimonials

At Willowood Ventures, our commitment to your growth and success is unwavering. We invite you to embark on a journey that’s fueled by experience, expertise, and the shared aspiration for excellence.


"Willowood Ventures revolutionized our sales process. Their training programs are extraordinary and we've seen immediate returns! I was once his salesperson and his training is what led to me finance and now I'm the Senior Sales Manager. I have stuck to those lessons and it's helping my store tremendously. "

Kimberly MyersSales Manager

"They truly are industry leaders! Dominic’s expertise in car financing has enriched our team's knowledge, giving us an edge over competitors."

John CarterFinance Director

"As a car dealership, we always look for innovative training. Willowood Ventures provided us with world-class instructors who elevated our entire team's skill set."

Robert HawkinsDealer Principal

"Partnering with Willowood Ventures was the best decision we made this year! Our PVR have never looked this good!"

Mike GrantCOO

"Incredibly professional, highly experienced, and certainly the game-changers in the automotive sector. Willowood, you have my heartfelt endorsement."

Tim SullivanGeneral Manager

"I have been mentored for years by Dominic and I just got the call to be in the finance department. I was passed up for the portion a few times but I kept reinventing myself and staying prepared. I took his advice and training to heart, and I feel blessed to go on this journey.”

Kevin VannSalesperson

"Every dealership could benefit from Dominic’s unique approach to training. His expertise is unprecedented. He personally took me under his wing as a salesman and I now have been put in leadership in a 500 unit store. Without his guidance I wouldn’t have the skill set or most importantly the confidence to make this happen."

Mike WhiteGSM

"The impact of their finance training on our team has been nothing short of amazing. Willowood Ventures is great! "

John ChenFinance Manager

"The automotive industry is intense. Mr. Scruggs dedication to competent training truly set us apart and gave us a competitive edge."

Tom NewsomeGM

"Never thought automotive sales was the right career for me. I took this course and stuck with it and sure enough I made my way to finance."

Ann ClarkeBusiness Manager